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Our stunning restaurant situated in a former church, Sainte-Thérèse-d’Avila, often elicits that kind of astonished reaction and that’s before diners have even seen the menu!

At our place, decadence and a festive ambience reign supreme! Our spaces are designed for all manner of occasions—whether that be a romantic outing with your significant other (you’ll be seated in the lounge, near what was once the confessional, just in case you have secrets…), or a celebration with your family, friends or colleagues (typically held in our mezzanine area, away from other patrons). In the summer, enjoy our beautiful terrace!

Treat yourself to one of our gourmet dishes—the Butcher’s cut, ribs or flank steak (to name a few). The menu also features completely locotacos, tasty meat and fish tartares, ultra-juicy burgers and poutines, served with gravies given a contemporary touch.  

Our Chef uses the best products from around the region and they too, are featured on the menu—fresh, ‘squeaky’ cheese from Saint-Georges-de-Windsor, aged meats from Boucherie du Terroir, fish and seafood from Marché de Poisson de Sherbrooke, and more...

Let the good times roll…

Spice up your evening by sampling one of our divine OMG cocktails (ranging from classic to crazy!) or the magic ‘potions’ in our gin bar, which showcases an impressive selection of Quebec spirits. Those who like hop-infused beverages are catered to as well. We have a sizeable collection of beers, including craft brews from a number of microbreweries and extra-special (some would say eccentric!) creations, from Trou du Diable.


A little bit of history...

OMG Resto

OMG Resto is situated in the former church of Sainte-Thérèse-d’Avila in Sherbrooke. In days gone by, the congregation nibbled on communion wafers. Nowadays, diners tuck into decadent burgers. But one thing hasn’t changed: it still serves wine!



A word about OMG’s past: Sainte-Thérèse was built in the 1920s, when the number of devout citizens were growing, attracted by the booming city of Sherbrooke. The church opened its doors to the faithful on April 12, 1922. On that day, Father Paul-Stanislas Laroque welcomed his flock for the first time, heralding many years of “Our Fathers” and “Hail Marys” celebrating mass, baptisms, and marriages.

Some years later, in 1938, the church suffered damage in a fire and had to be partially rebuilt. The architect, Denis Tremblay, analysed the original plans and decided to alter the facade on the side of the building. By 1952 (during the height of the Duplessis era when Catholic doctrine was very much part of daily life), the church once more became a venue for the faithful. A couple of decades later, during the 1970s, Saint-Thérèse was extensively renovated—both inside and outside.

As the years rolled by, Quebeckers stopped practising their religion in the way that their parents and grandparents had done before them. Congregations shrank. Churches welcomed fewer and fewer people. Some churches were sold, or closed down altogether. In 2000, Sainte-Thérèse-d’Avila packed up its sacred accoutrements and closed its doors for good—turning a new page in the history of what had been a venerable Sherbrooke parish. 

Not long after that, Mr. André L’Espérance, a key player in the local tourism industry, acquired the building. His goal was to showcase the history of Sainte-Thérèse—a true architectural gem—and turn it into something spectacular. He has indeed done just that!

For a while, the building served as the administrative headquarters for PAL+, the tourism group that operates three other restaurants, as well as the Espace 4 Saisons hotel in Orford, the Versō hotel (formerly Étoile-sur-le-Lac) in Magog and Escapades Memphrémagog’s cruise boat. The former church too has been turned into a dining establishment. Originally named OMG Burger, it is now called OMG Resto—a unique, innovative eatery where the menu features local and regional products.

In a word, Sainte-Thérèse has gone from being a venue for religious celebrations to a venue for celebrations—full stop!

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