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Drinks Tailormade for the Fall Season!

October 6, 2023

There’s a distinct snap in the air, so now that fall has arrived, it’s time to exchange glasses of fruity sangria and white wine for something more substantial.

Here are four suggestions for the kind of drinks that go very well with the fall season!

Smoked Cocktails

The aromas and flavours of some kinds of alcohol—bourbon, dark rum, vermouth, even tequila—are intensified when smoke is added to the mix. When a cocktail is poured into a glass filled with smoke, the drinker’s sense of taste and smell becomes stronger. The visual effect is pretty spectacular too!

Creating a smoked cocktail at home can be complicated and if you don’t have the right tools, it’s best to stick to ordering one at a bar…

Try our smoked old-fashioned cocktail.It’s a classic! We make it with Bulleit bourbon, red vermouth, orange and clove syrup, and a few drops of cherry bitters—even more elegant and refined when it’s smoked.


The Negroni

For several months now, the Negroni has come back into fashion. In fact, it’s downright trendy! It’s a classical Italian cocktail made with Campari, gin, red vermouth, and a slice of orange. This drink may well have become fashionable again due to the popularity of theaperol spritz, a slightly bitter aperitif that also owes its origins to Italy.

The characteristics of Negroni are aromas of aniseed and herbs with a hint of sweetness. It’s a short drink that should be sipped slowly to fully appreciate its flavours.

Needless to say, this enticing, classical cocktail is included in our drinks menu..



Nowadays, mocktails need no introduction! In recent years they’ve become so popular among people who want to give up alcohol—and not only because they’re pregnant or for Dry February, for example.

At OMG Resto, we offer a number of signature mocktails. We can even create some of our delicious cocktails with the same ingredients as the regular ones, minus the alcohol.

Try mocktail versions of Pimm’s Cup (a classic cocktail from England), a Passion Sour or a Bloody Caesar.If you are hankering after a favourite cocktail, please don’t hesitate to ask if we can make a mocktail version. We’ll do our best to oblige!


Locally-Produced Alcohol

The province of Quebec has an impressive number of microbreweries, of distillers and of vignerons who produce excellent, high-quality and unique alcoholic drinks. Drinking a locally made beverage not only helps to support the province’s producers but allows you to discover brands that you might not be familiar with. You can start by looking through our drinks menu. We offer a multitude of choices!

One of the microbreweries highlighted on our menu is Trou du Diableand we have all styles of beer to satisfy your taste buds—IPA, blonde, black beer infused with coffee. The list goes on…

And you really must try our wildly popular gin bar! It features more than 20 Quebec brands. Drink them straight, as a Gin & Tonic or as part of a sampling of three different gins.

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